Meeting RMS on a not that shiny thursday...

Today I met Richard Stallman himself and a representative from FSF Europe, before he was giving a speech. To be honest Stallman had a though crowd during his speech on Copyright. Great guy, great mind, great logic. Really interesting and encouraging although some of the crowd seemed not to get his harsh criticism of the big companies and Digital Restriction Management. He also pointed out differences between Free Software (Free as in Freedom) and Open Source Software (Do you as me see a connection to Eric S. Raymond here? ;)).

However, he is as usual correct and his logic is as simple as strong and thought thru many times. I'm biased as well as Stallman but I'd not argue with this guy because he is good at understanding and finding the flaws in the underlying argument (if there is a real problem, it might be as he pointed out; a creation of ones mind).

Amazing guy, we need not only software but also getting people to use it. Wake up before it's too late, 1984 - NSA is behind schedule.