Playing with Android

I've recently been playing with porting Gnash to Android, which turns out to be more complex than it should be. I've ported Gnash to several other cell phones, but the C++ support for Android is totally crippled. I've almost got a full C++ toolchain working, I can compile Gnash all the way, but there is a runtime problem still C++ initialization. More details on life with Android on the
wiki page .

Other than the problems with C++, Android is an interesting platform. The qemu based emulator works well with the adb shell, to make it easy to test your code. Unlike Maemo or ALP, which use scratchbox, Android works more like the traditional style of cross compiling with the GNU tools. This is a nice thing, as I dislike scratchbox for the way it attempts to hide cross compiling by pretending to be a native system. While that initially makes it easer to port applications to that haven't been tweaked for cross configuring and cross compiling, it has drawbacks in the long run.