O'Reilly EuroOSCON: Rob Savoye of Gnash

Fabienne: One and a half weeks ago I spent two days at the second annual O'Reilly EuroOSCON conference in Brussels, Belgium. EuroOSCON topics on Open Source programming range from political to technological. For more of my coverage check out the EuroOSCON tag here on Netscape.

Rob Savoye is and has been a passionate contributor to open source projects for numerous years. He lives in an off-grid alternative energy house in Colorado for which he is writing software for power control and management called GnuAE. People like Rob Savoye don't have to contribute to open source software, but many like him do so benevolently and frequently. He is currently recruiting C++ programmers for Gnash as he has recently obtained funding for the project. I want to thank Rob for his time for this interview and the effort he and countless others put forth for open source technologies.

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