Funding Plea

So the Gnash team is broke, and has been for most of a year. This has forced many, but not all of the Gnash developers to find paying work, and mostly stop working on Gnash. The few of us left focused on Gnash like to eat and pay bills.

We get a lot of bitching about lack of compatibility on some web sites, but we won't get more compatible without your help. And the way you can help is to contribute funding.

There is a list of tasks on the Gnash wiki we'd appreciate some support for. Please think what it costs an experienced developer to live at bare survival level. Most of us have families, and they're all getting a bit burned out by our support of free software to the point of long hours of work for no compensation.

Although Gnash is a High Priority project of the Free Software Foundation, they do not contribute any funding to us. We fully support the goals of the FSF, but understand they are a political organization, not an engineering one.

So please consider donating through our non-profit Open Media Now, or even to pay a developer directly to help Gnash move forward. These days it seems like so many projects have corporate funding, we're just a few developers trying to free up a proprietary piece of technology.